What and Why is Microsoft Learn ?

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If you have not been sleeping for the past couple of years, I am sure you know that cloud computing is the present and the future of IT. Yes, you read it correctly. Even in the present, 95% of IT companies are either using or running on the cloud. If you still do not know anything about cloud computing, I highly recommend you visit my previous blog post on cloud computing.

Alright, I hope you have a simple idea about cloud computing. So, cloud computing consists of hundreds of different functionalities to solve or help to solve various problems. As an undergraduate or a student, learning all these might seems an impossible task.

And also, there are several cloud platforms available now. Azure, AWS, and GCP currently hold the top three positions in the world of cloud computing. They all support several standard functions like VMs, Hosting, and Storage, but they all have their specialties.

Why can’t you just watch a tutorial ?


  • When you think about Cloud Computing, one of the first things that come into your mind is the cost. Yes. Cloud Computing is not cheap because you are buying computing power and the ability to scale up or down based on your requirement. When you try something new, you might have to repeat the same task repeatedly until you do it successfully. So it might cost you a considerable amount of credits.
  • Cloud computing is continuously updated. Therefore you have to find the latest tutorials, which might be impossible. Even if you follow a tutorial, you need to try it out at the same time.
  • As I mentioned earlier in this post, cloud computing has hundreds of functionalities. Unless you have memory capacity and the processing power of a high-end computer, it is pointless to follow and learn all the features. And it might be hard to select tutorials to follow with the appropriate order.

What is MS Learn ?


Microsoft launched its technical documentation site,, in 2016. Since then, it contains all the technical details that a developer wants about a Microsoft product or a service.

Back in late 2018, Microsoft announced MS Learn, built to provide a more structured and interactive learning experience for the consumers. But, how it is different from other learning resources, was the question in my mind since I heard about it.

Currently, MS Learn act as the hub that links various information on different areas.

  1. Certifications
  2. Training courses (online and in-person)
  3. Certification exams
From my point of view, there are several features that I absolutely love about this platform.

  1. Role-Based learning method
  2. MS Learn lets you choose and follow a well structured and ordered set of courses based on your dream role rather than random picked courses which are not related to one anothr.

  3. Well structured and Ordered Content
  4. MS Learn consists of Learning paths that are well organized, making it easier to track the progress and the path. Also, it provides points and badges which motivate students.

  5. Step by Step guide with visuals
  6. Modules in MS Learn describes all the steps with simple language. And the images of the steps help a lot when it comes to configurations.


  7. Virtual Sandboxes
  8. This pretty much solves the problem of the cost when it comes to learning and testing cloud technologies. MS Learn provides you all the necessary sandboxes for free to try out what you have learned with the module. The evaluation process makes it more exciting and informative.


How do you join with MS Learn ?

Simple !!!

Visit the MS Learn page and sign in using your email address. Or create a new account.

Select the role and the paths that you want to follow.

Start learning.

You can achieve badges and trophies by completing the modules, and you can share your achievements with social media.

Your progress will be saved on the platform, and you can start learning anytime from the point you stopped.




Microsoft wanted to create a modern learning environment for consumers to have the technical skilling they need to deliver the solutions and services they want.

Maybe Microsoft saw a gap in their training materials, which left out some of the basic knowledge that users and developers needed to get started. Microsoft Learn is possibly the answer to that. They have started with a core group of modules and learning paths, so they will continue to expand their offerings according to the site. It will be interesting to see what direction they go in with Docs and Learn.

Please let me know your idea. And I hope you find this exciting and try this fantastic platform to improve your skills. Do not forget to share this with your friends and colleagues.

Stay safe.

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